Brand Profile:

品牌以“和”为基调,根植于中国儒家文化的思想与精神,在探求平衡中输出中国文化审美观。 表达人与衣、衣与环境的和平融合,希望一切恰到好处,没有过度的叛逆与夸张,试图探索一 种适度之美 , 意图达到视觉性与实穿性的平衡。
The brand is based on "harmony," rooted in the ideology and spirit of Chinese  Confucianism, the brand exports Chinese cultural aesthetics in the exploration of balance. The brand expresses the peaceful integration of people and clothes, clothes and the  environment, hoping that everything is just right, without excessive rebellion or  exaggeration, trying to explore a moderate beauty, aiming to achieve a balance between visibility and practicality. URAMON is composed of the names of the designers. 

Brand Introduction:

URAMON于2019年在上海成立,曾刊登国内外Vogue,MOB JOURNAL,STAR TOPIC,NT SNAP纽糖,Onmagazine,时尚芭莎等,其中2021年4月URAMON第一季作品以《中国制造》 为题的创作,反观中国设计力量的崛起,登上国际杂志MOB JOURNAL的封面,开始迅速受到业 内人士的关注。同年参与了中国国际时装周fashionllaabb&Sina fashion & Fashion film festival 与来自伦敦、米兰、香港、台湾等地区的设计师品牌共同亮相。2021年 3月设计师受邀英国考文 垂大学邀请,首次代表中国独立设计师品牌发声,与各国时尚从业者展开交流与合作。2021年10 月首登上海时装周2022春夏的发布。
URA-MON was established in Shanghai in 2019 and has been published in domestic and intemational Vogue, MOB JOURNAL, STAR TOPIC, NT SNAP, On magazine, Fashion Bazaar, etc. Among them, the first season of URAMON's work in April 2021 was created under the title "Made in China," refleeting on the rise of Chinese design power, which appeared on the cover of the intermational magazine MOB JOURNAL and began to receive attention from the industry. In the same year, it participated in the China International Fashion Week fashionllaabb & Sina fashion & Fashion film festival, where it Was presented together with designer brands from London, Milan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions. In March 2021, the designers were invited by Coventry University in the UK to represent Chinese independent designer brands for the first time and to exchange and collaborate with fashion practitioners from different countries. In October 2021, it debuted at Shanghai Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2022.